Magento Installation problems in XAMPP

When I ran the installation for magento on XAMPP it got hung when it was building the database tables. It gave an error saying that the script took more than the allowed time of 60 seconds.

Fix- change the php.ini file with following values,

Increase the

max_execution_time = 1200 // was 60

memory_limit = 512M  // was 128M

Magento setup takes so much more time as there are more than 300 tables being created. so it would be good to increase these settings while we are running the setup.

After running the setup I couldn’t log in to the dashboard.

Fix – run the program with the ip address instead of using localhost


Easy method to encode password Using PHP

We are all used to using MD5() for generating hashes when saving passwords using php and mysql. But I read some where that method is not that secure. So here is an alternative.

To encode the password before saving use,


to decode the password after retrieving use,


Quick Backup MySQL / Oracle table

This is a script I use often to get a quick back up of a database table before doing any changes to it.


Hope this helps for those quick backups. 🙂

How to Change All textbox or textfield values to upper case using javascript

I was searching for a method to get all the text boxes and text field data in a web page and change the values to upper case using java script, but couldn’t find a good script.

So I decided to write my own script. You can change this to fit your needs. This will be useful to format the form inputs automatically.

//function to check and change all text field values to upper case
function changeAllToUpper(){

var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName(‘input’);    // get all the text boxes
for(var k=0;k<inputs.length;k++)
var input = inputs[k]
if(input.type!= ‘text’) continue;
input.value=input.value.toUpperCase();  // make values uppercase

var textboxes = document.getElementsByTagName(‘textarea’);  // get all the text areas

for(var l=0;l<textboxes.length;l++)
var textbox = textboxes[l]

textbox.value=textbox.value.toUpperCase(); // make values upper case


you can call this function when clicking the form submit button like this,


Some Suggestions

  • you can do any text modification using this script before submitting. (make lower case, camel case, or you can even use this for validate and update the data)
  • remove any unwanted symbols or characters easily without any server load.

Hope this code will be useful to you. let me know what you think. 🙂

Configuring Aptana with SVN

Hi guys,

this is my first post on my new coding blog, I changed jobs recently and started working on php mysql based projects. I use Aptana Studio 3 as my IDE.

My new office didn’t have any SVN or CVS setup when I joined. And it was really hard to find the proper source code for doing changes. And they were copying the source from the server every-time they wanted to edit something and then uploading the files. No changes were being tracked.

So I decided to install a versioning system and using that to manage the code. I have used CVS in the past but wanted to try out SVN in my new office. I searched the net on how to do this and found many articles that helps to setup SVN in an Linux environment and as there was no Linux box available in our office for immediate use I decided to find a Windows based SVN server. After some searching I decided to use Visual SVN for my SVN repostory management. It was really easy to setup,

1) download the installer from,

2) install like you install any other windows based application

3) create a user login

4) give a repository path

then setup subversion in Aptana studio, you can refer one of the following links for reference,
then committing your project to the SVN using Apatana you can have a centralized code.

will update this post in the future with more details, just noting down what i did before i forget them 🙂