Configuring Aptana with SVN

Hi guys,

this is my first post on my new coding blog, I changed jobs recently and started working on php mysql based projects. I use Aptana Studio 3 as my IDE.

My new office didn’t have any SVN or CVS setup when I joined. And it was really hard to find the proper source code for doing changes. And they were copying the source from the server every-time they wanted to edit something and then uploading the files. No changes were being tracked.

So I decided to install a versioning system and using that to manage the code. I have used CVS in the past but wanted to try out SVN in my new office. I searched the net on how to do this and found many articles that helps to setup SVN in an Linux environment and as there was no Linux box available in our office for immediate use I decided to find a Windows based SVN server. After some searching I decided to use Visual SVN for my SVN repostory management. It was really easy to setup,

1) download the installer from,

2) install like you install any other windows based application

3) create a user login

4) give a repository path

then setup subversion in Aptana studio, you can refer one of the following links for reference,
then committing your project to the SVN using Apatana you can have a centralized code.

will update this post in the future with more details, just noting down what i did before i forget them šŸ™‚


Let me know what you think .. :)

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