Prevent Skype Highlighting on your website

If you have skype installed on your computer you will see that phone numbers on a website are highlighted,

Skype Highlighting

This is all good and useful if your a web user, but this could be a nightmare situation if your a web developer, as this could create havoc with your layouts.

To prevent skype highlighting from showing and messing up your carefully created design you can add the following style rules to your css file,

span.skype_pnh_container {display:none !important;}
span.skype_pnh_print_container {display:inline !important;}

span.skype_pnh_container {display:none !important;}
span.skype_pnh_print_container, span[class^=”skype_pnh_print_container”] {display:inline !important;}


Let me know what you think .. :)

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