Getting 404 – “Unable to resolve the request” on Production Server on Yii Application

Ok I got this error when I deployed my Yii application to production server

404 - ERROR
Unable to resolve the request

All my controllers were present, and the url manager was enabled. After some running around I found the issue.

My development environment is Windows and on that urls with lower case letters worked without an issue. But the production environment is on Linux so the url is being case sensitive when its loading the controllers.

Change Urls from




HTML Image Map Issue on Internet Explorer – Reference Code

So I ran into this problem where image map was not working properly for Internet explorer. For my project I had the singapore map loaded with it being devided into 4 areas. When someone hovers over each area its supposed to highlight that area. It was working properly on Firefox, Chrome and Safari but there was a problem on IE… turns out I havent set the Width and Height for the initial image. After adding those it worked properly. So if your also having a problem like this you might like to check out that.

<img id="mapImg" src="images/maps/main_map.jpg" alt="map" width="496" height="261" border="0" usemap="#Map"/>
 <map name="Map" id="Map">
 <area class="westmap" shape="rect" coords="13,24,192,231" href="#" >
 <area class="centralmap" shape="rect" coords="192,137,292,252" href="#" >
 <area class="eastmap" shape="rect" coords="293,121,479,242" href="#" >
 <area class="northmap" shape="rect" coords="191,5,291,136" href="#" >