HTML Image Map Issue on Internet Explorer – Reference Code

So I ran into this problem where image map was not working properly for Internet explorer. For my project I had the singapore map loaded with it being devided into 4 areas. When someone hovers over each area its supposed to highlight that area. It was working properly on Firefox, Chrome and Safari but there was a problem on IE… turns out I havent set the Width and Height for the initial image. After adding those it worked properly. So if your also having a problem like this you might like to check out that.

<img id="mapImg" src="images/maps/main_map.jpg" alt="map" width="496" height="261" border="0" usemap="#Map"/>
 <map name="Map" id="Map">
 <area class="westmap" shape="rect" coords="13,24,192,231" href="#" >
 <area class="centralmap" shape="rect" coords="192,137,292,252" href="#" >
 <area class="eastmap" shape="rect" coords="293,121,479,242" href="#" >
 <area class="northmap" shape="rect" coords="191,5,291,136" href="#" >

Let me know what you think .. :)

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